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Aug 24, 2017

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“Be visible, create your mojo and build a successful business.”

“The indefatigable – forever nicknamed the fast and furious - Mary Anne Waldren"

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What Will You Learn in the

Master Certificate in Business Success

That You Can Use to Propel Your Business Ahead?

Week 1

The big picture and how to protect it

Vision and intent are vital to your business planning and success. You will receive tips, hints, case histories and templates, along with draft contracts and agreements that will ensure your intellectual capital is protected.

Week 2

Winning business by forging partnerships

Collaborating and deal-making begin in the office, continue with both personal and online networking opportunities and extend to boardrooms where deals are signed. You will learn the secrets behind creating the sort of rapport that makes people want to work for you and with you, and what you can do with this.

Week 3

Masterminding events

Achieve your business and personal objectives by organizing a killer event. You will learn how to produce events that can foster the conversations that create change for individuals, organizations, industries, even cities. Mary Anne Waldren will help you create events that find strategic solutions to problems and set agendas.

Week 4

Speaking up for success

Public speaking is a skill you use whether you realize it or not. Pitching to peers or clients, networking, or giving that keynote speech requires skills that amount to selling in a different way. Mary Anne Waldren, an award-winning public speaker, and TED alumni member will teach you how to speak up for yourself.

Week 5

Boards and networking for future Success

Joining Boards, running boards whether Government, Not-for-profit, commercial, family or even Advisory Boards can enhance your career prospects, profits and presence. The secret is to be active, be awake, alert and present to what is going on because this can be where some of the real opportunities for partnership can occur. It’s also an area where shenanigans can occur in Australian Business.

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Enrol before June and get a $500 discount and Free Archetype Review to find out what is holding you back. “People are so focused on working in their business they skip doing key things that attract high-paying clients.”

Mary Anne Waldren helps businesspeople break free of old patterns and teaches them how to do this for themselves.

Mary Anne is a mastermind of positive change, and is known for her ability to connect the right people to have the conversations that change agendas.

She became well-known in the 1990s as the driver of the million-dollar Australian Science Festival and multi-million-dollar National Science Week. 

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Master Certificate in Business Success

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